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  • Ned Schaut

Why Enrollment Accuracy and Efficiency Should Be Your Top Priorities

Open enrollment can be an overwhelming process for employees and company leadership alike. However, if the correct measures are taken to streamline the enrollment process and ensure its accuracy and efficiency, then the process can become less arduous for all involved. There are typically several shortcomings within the healthcare system in the workplace -- notably, most employees do not have a solid understanding of their plans or benefits. This problem is only aggravated by the fact that the open enrollment process in businesses may not be efficiently executed and information not clearly communicated to employees. By ensuring employees’ understanding of their benefits and the timeline for open enrollment, you can greatly improve productivity. Enrollment accuracy and efficiency should be prioritized throughout the open enrollment process in order to maintain a smooth and productive workplace.

Efficiency Doesn't Always Equal Accuracy

Though it may seem logical that increased efficiency in the open enrollment process would be conducive to a similarly high level of accuracy, this is not always the case. There are often several details that go unnoticed throughout the enrollment process. From missing employee signatures and inaccurate information to employees simply entering the wrong healthcare information, open enrollment mistakes create an inefficient annual cycle that costs the company and employees time and resources. However, there are certain measures to reduce the incidence of these blunders. By taking the time to explain plans, benefits, and open enrollment to employees and valuing the accurate completion of the enrollment process, companies can save time and money. On top of that, by communicating healthcare options early and clearly to employees, along with providing a benefits guide, you can get ahead of potential open enrollment problems. Understanding that a large number of enrolled employees don’t necessarily indicate a large number of accurate submissions will help your company maintain a comprehensive and efficient understanding of the enrollment process.

Online Enrollment Helps Streamline Your Annual Enrollment Process

Adopting online enrollment for employees is a reliable way to make the process globally more efficient and less stressful for everyone. A significant advantage of switching to online enrollment is that it is highly convenient for employees -- by allowing online access to an enrollment portal from the comfort of one’s home, for example, employees are better equipped to evaluate their families' specific healthcare needs on a timeline that suits them. Additionally, this change eases the workload for those who have to process and approve employees’ submissions - with online enrollment, all that is required is an approval once the necessary documents have been submitted. Moving enrollment online means that there is less paperwork to collect and process, and by definition, there is less room for human error. Employees can enjoy the benefit of their personal information being more secure online than it is in paper form. There’s generally less of a risk that private information would fall into the wrong hands when you favor online enrollment for your employees.

Creating a Clear Line of Communication with Staff Improves Enrollment Accuracy

Above all, establishing and maintaining an open line of communication between company leadership and employees will help staff understand what is expected of them throughout the enrollment process. Favor the use of multiple channels when providing employees with enrollment information -- emails, intracompany lines of communication, and seminars can all be effective methods to inform employees about the importance of accurate enrollment. Furthermore, all communication from leadership should be formulated in a clear and concise way so that all employees can understand the message and expectations. Lastly, it is important to prioritize face time between company leaders and employees. Valuing the human connection, trust, and confidence that can grow between employees will ultimately lead to a more successful and accurate enrollment. From understanding the difference between efficient and accurate enrollment to favoring online enrollment and open communication with employees, there are multiple strategies to be aware of when preparing for your company’s enrollment period.

The above suggestions for improving enrollment accuracy and efficiency are by no means comprehensive. For more detailed information to ensure a successful enrollment process for your employees, download Eureka’s checklist: 10 Steps to Increase Efficiency and Accuracy During Open Enrollment.” You can also schedule a call with a member of our experienced team by calling 916-742-7842.

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