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5 Tips for Finding the Plans Your Employees Actually Want

Selecting employee benefits can be overwhelming. There are multiple plans at multiple price points, each offering a dizzying array of benefits. Since these benefits are often one of the major draws to attract and keep top talent, choosing the right plan for your employees is key. Putting these steps into practice can help assure that you choose the plan that suits the workers you want to bring in and keep happy.

Ask which employee benefits are most important.

Different cohorts will have different preferences when it comes to benefit packages. a workforce dominated by younger workers, for instance, might want a different sort of package than one with more senior staff. However, you can't know for sure what employees would prefer unless you ask. Send out a survey that allows current employees to discuss what sorts of employee benefits would be most attractive to them. Structure the survey so that it allows them to choose how strongly they value a potential benefit rather than relying on simple yes/no questions.

Find plans that offer cost-saving perks like gym discounts and rewards for healthy behavior.

Plans with unusual perks are a great way to set your company apart from the competition. Free or reduced-cost gym memberships, for instance, save employees money immediately while providing long term benefits in the form of improved health. Healthier employees means improved outcomes that range from lower absenteeism to lower stress levels. More and more health insurance programs are offering discounts and other perks for employees who display healthy behaviors. For instance, an insurance program may offer discounts for people who complete online classes or who connect fitness monitors to the insurance program's app.

Provide popular options like tech-enabled healthcare options.

The benefit of tech-enabled options becomes more and more clear every year. In the current environment especially, many employees are enjoying the safety and convenience of telehealth appointments. Digital health records that can be accessed from employees' laptops or phones can be especially beneficial for employees who are becoming more empowered by becoming more involved in information about their personal health. Look for reviews of both telemedicine and online health portals offered by a number of plans while making a decision. Plans that balance user-friendliness with robust information allow you to give employees the best of both worlds.

Look for insurers that support personalized care.

Healthcare can sometimes feel monolithic and impersonal. But, many health insurance companies and healthcare providers are working to counter this with personalized healthcare. Personalized care, which uses predictive technologies and other methods to provide a more tailored experience, is associated with greater healthcare plan satisfaction.

Clearly communicate all plan options and enrollment deadlines.

Perhaps the most important factor in ensuring that employees are happy with their benefit options is clear, open and timely communication. Make a calendar that clearly outlines enrollment deadlines and provide reminders as important dates draw close. If necessary, create in-house documents that lay out the differences between the employee benefit plans on offer. Creating sample scenarios that show healthcare provider options and out of pocket costs can help employees clarify which plans would work best for them.

Expert guidance can help you choose the employee benefit package that will suit your team best. At Eureka, we're happy to offer our help and advice. Give us a call at 916-742-7842 or download our report A Practical Guide to Finding Help with Employee Benefits today.

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