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Wellness Tips for Remote Workers

With this recent shift to remote work, we are seeing an innumerable number of employees working from home. Many HR leaders are asking how to keep employees happy and healthy while at home. Finding a good balance between productivity and physical wellbeing doesn't need to be a struggle. This is what you should encourage your remote team to do.

Designate a Specific Workspace

Start your day off right by moving to a designated workspace. It's important to have a specific workspace. Rise and shine and head towards your desk, table, or nook reserved just for work. Having a workspace separate from the rest of your living area ensures you can get in work mode faster. This doesn't need to be an entire office but something as simple as a desk space. Decorate and style it just as you would any other office space.

Keep Everyone Connected

When working remotely, employees need to know that their manager and senior leaders are still there for them should they have issues and need someone to help them through.

The key to staying connected while working remotely is to spend time with your staff. Although this may be virtually, it's about dedicating time just to them. If you already hold one-to-ones, you may benefit from making these more regular while working remotely.

Create Water Cooler Moments

In addition to discussing work-related items, consider a water cooler chat channel to encourage your team to stay connected on items outside of work. Consider a Slack channel reserved for these types of conversations. Use Zoom to schedule a weekly chat for employees to share about their weekend or their agenda for the week.

Encourage Breaks

Make sure your employees take time for themselves throughout the day and introduce a system that lets teammates know when this is happening. When someone is taking a break, they could mark it in their calendar, change their status on their instant messenger or send a message to their team to let them know they’ll be unavailable. Encourage them to set an alarm every few hours to notify them to get up and move. A short break will do wonders for productivity.

Ask for Feedback

To know if new systems are working for your team, you need to ask. Are your employees liking the new team chat set up? How do they feel about the time tracking software? Check with your employees often to see what is working and what is not. You won't know what systems to stick with and what to drop unless you ask.

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