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  • Ned Schaut

Maintaining active coverage during COVID-19 pandemic

We fully realize the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on businesses and companies, small and large. Some have been fortunate enough to be in a position to allow employees to continue working from home, while others have had to suspend operations altogether. Many business owners in the latter position are asking if they can maintain active health insurance for their employees while suspending business operations. Our response to this question is an emphatic, "yes". We cannot urge more strongly against cutting expenses by cancelling or terminating health insurance during this pandemic. We can assure you that any compliance related issues related to maintaining active health insurance coverage for any currently non-active employees due to this pandemic are at the bottom of anyone's list of concerns. Your employees, whether actively working or not, will certainly need health insurance coverage should they or their loved ones become ill. If at all possible, and by all means, we recommend continuing to pay the health insurance premiums due to the carriers to maintain active coverage for any and all currently enrolled members. If you are having difficulty paying the premium due to a suspension of business during this pandemic, please contact the insurance carrier directly to inform them of such. We cannot imagine that during this unprecedented time that carriers would not also allow for unprecedented grace periods for those who desire to maintain active coverage for their valued employees. Business continues as usual for us here at Eureka Insurance Solutions, so feel free to contact us as you normally would with any questions or assistance you may require. We wish health, wellness and safety to all of our valued clients.

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