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  • Ned Schaut

How to Fine-Tune and Streamline Your Open Enrollment

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Do you want your Open Enrollment period to run like a fine-oiled machine? The more you streamline your process to be efficient and accurate, the easier and more successful your Employee Benefits enrollment. That’s why we created a 10-step checklist to share with you.

It covers the basics to get you organized and in touch with your team so you can create the best custom package for them. Plus, you’ll discover why becoming a part-time detective can lead to a successful enrollment.

Investigate your team and spend time figuring out what mediums work best to get through to your employees. Every company is unique, so pay attention to how your team responds best. Ask them for direct feedback on how to reach them, and note what type of engagement you get from social media, videos, email, text, and in-person meetings.

Once you find the best ways to get your message out, communicate with your employees often. Establish a strong relationship with your team leading up to enrollment, and maintain communication directly after to evaluate your plan’s success.

For more tips on how to make your next Open Enrollment run as smooth as possible, call Eureka Insurance Solutions at 916-742-7842. Also, be sure to check out our

free guide. It includes help with creating a realistic timeline, avoiding costly mistakes and nurturing important relationships. To read more, click below:

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