• Ned Schaut

Accessing care for COVID-19 symptoms

If you are or your employees think you may be sick, we suggest having a quick glance at potential symptoms in the 'Do I Need To Get Tested For COVID-19?' infographic on the page at the following link:

Scheduling a office visit with a physician may be next to impossible at this time however, more than likely, your health insurance carrier has a virtual-visit service that may allow you to schedule a visit with a doctor via phone or video-meeting. Click the appropriate link below to find a doctor virtually:

Kaiser - Northern California:

Kaiser - Southern California:

Sutter Health Plus:

Western Health Advantage:

Blue Shield:

Anthem Blue Cross:

Eureka Insurance Solutions continues to operate, business as usual. We are all practicing safe social distancing, working remotely, and providing excellent, uninterrupted service to you and your employees.


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